• Automatic on/off control starts the brush rotating on demand
  • Swings freely in all directions
  • Comes pre-mounted, so should be straightforward to install
  • It scratches the affected area on the upper brush and this releases insecticide
  • The brush starts to rotate as soon as a cow makes contact with it
  • The combination of its springiness and long bristles prevents the cow being brushed too vigorously
  • Made from galvanised steel with thick polypropylene bristles
  • Very low maintenance with easily replaceable bristles
  • A sensor switches the brush off if the tail gets caught
  • Shaped and angled to scratch the back, tail, flanks and head

A happy cow will always perform better and gives more milk production. When a cow stays healthy, it can grow faster, improve its weight gain, and potentially develop earlier in life. Farmer also recognizes the advantages of automatic cow brush as it alleviates cow stress, reduces disease, decreases property damage, and increases milk production. There are different types of brushes available in the market, with different functionality. One of the shortcomings of a non-mechanical, non-moving brush mounted on a wall or rail is that it doesn’t give all-around access, so it will service fewer cows.

Global Dairy Tech imports only supreme quality, swinging automatic cow brush which use commercially and have a spring that allows the horizontal brush to move, depending on the size of the cow. We offer rotating models which have two brushes, one horizontal and one vertical. Similar to the rotating model but the range of motion is greater – the brush can swing backward, forwards, and from side to side. Cows like these because they are easy to use and cover a greater area of their backs. This type of brush utilizes minimum electricity, so savings can be made in energy costs.