• Better Growth

  • Improved pasture management

  • Tracking of events

  • Elaborate livestock records

  • Improved management of feed

  • Better tracking of dates

  • The better organisation of cattle form

  • Improved yields

  • Planning and tracking

  • Streamline and operations

Global Dairy Tech have the skill set and experience to offer our cow-calf clients accurate and affordable reproductive and herd health services. Global Dairy Tech Specialist will help clients to generate reports that will facilitate the Herd Management of dairy operation; monitoring progress so can track advancement toward your goals and objectives.

Global Dairy Tech Specialist help you unlock the power of your Dairy Plan software. In conjunction with parlor devices, The Plan can provide statistical reports on your cows’ production, reproduction, or their mastitis incidence.

It can generate a veterinarian visit calendar; manage the concentrate you feed in the parlor; get reports that help you evaluate your milking routine; improve heat detection; monitor how fast your tank is cooling your milk, or record what was the wash solution temperature in the tank, or even if it had the right concentration of detergent. Get in control of you operation with the Dairy Plan and our Global Dairy Tech Herd Management Services.