• We are highly reputed manufacturers and importers of Cattle Head Lock with a wide range of quality to manage your cattle perfectly
  • Solid and stable main bracket with supreme quality material
  • Noise reduction hardware due to rubber damping sets
  • Labour-saving and largest panic release opening
  • The lock on each yoke allows each animal to be retained
  • Accurate in design and standard to safety
  • Cow-friendly design for easy entry and exit-easy
  • Scientific and reasonable pillar and adjustable pole
  • High tensile tubing and noise reduction hardware
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish, instead of paint

Global Dairy has been manufacturing and Importing Headlocks for over 20 years. We believe if your cows will eat more and move easily, the milk production will increase higher automatically. Our headlocks and feed panels are all made with the highest quality materials and manufactured to fit any opening size.

We have a variety of options to meet your dairy’s unique needs and optional adjustable widths for dimensional flexibility. Our headlocks on each cow allow each animal to be retained or removed easily. We manufacture according to the customer demand and body type of cows which provide the best place for the cattle. Our aim purpose for the cow headlock is to make sure cows have a good sleep and reduce cow skin injuries. The design allows cows to share proper leg space and is the same size as an open front fence. There must be a 32″ high full-width space between facing stalls to allow adequate body space.

If horizontal supports are used, they must be above 32″ and/ or below the stall surface and not interfere with the cow lunging. Our headlocks can sufficiently open and allow a cow to extend her head and neck forward into a facing stall, alley, or outside the building as she reclines or rises and stall lengths can be shorter.