• Accurate milk temperature and precise dosing

  • Fast transportation and quick calf milk deliveries

  • The drive unit makes the milk transportation easy and comfortable

  • Durable, compact design with excellent User Experience

  • Best hygiene with minimum water consumption in shortest time

  • Efficient & Trouble-free Heating System

  • Precise Feeding with Calf Milk Trolley

  • Ergonomic Dispensing Handle

  • High-Grade Material & Durable Design

  • Safe & Comfortable Driving

Over the last few decades, the dairy industry went through a lot of drastic changes. Global dairy tech has grown into a global player by providing optimal, sustainable dairy solutions for the last 20 years in Pakistan. We Import high-grade material feeding trolly with economical price and space-saving.

These feeding trolly is pet-proof and able to withstand any impact from the animal, including bites. All trolley components, such as pump and electric equipment are developed according to Pakistan’s rough environmental conditions. The advanced driving option provides a trouble-free operation that requires easy maintenance.

We promise to provide stainless-steel surfaces, easy to clean to help maintain the hygiene of the animal feeds. Large front wheels of feeding trolley ensure safe driving even on rough surface. Front wheels are automatically locked in the idle position, mechanical parking brake puts Calf Milk Trolley in a safe parking position on sloped areas.
Compact, stable design with 6 in mold-on rubber swivel castors ad 10 in pneumatic tires, grease zerks on all wheels. This feeding trolley provides outstanding performance by rolling smoothly and making turns easily.

Global dairy tech considers the capacity of a feeding trolleys to manage the number of animals, save time and avoid the hassle of frequent refilling.