• Very Strong Build and Require Low Maintenance

  • The easy changeover valve allows operation smoothly and does not disturb workers or cows

  • High performance and very low noise level

  • Easy to operate and Cow Friendly

  • It’s quick working saves much time and improves hygiene

  • Significant reduction of labor intensity

  • Keeping optimal hygiene standards in milking cowshed

  • Reducing hoof infection cases and preventing bacterial hot spots and health

  • Better hygiene and reduced treatment costs

  • It develops based on specific conditions for the comfort level of farmers and cows

Global Dairy tech always focuses on smart engineering and innovation to set and manage dairy enterprises to profitability through automation. We are in constant motion in searching for the most advanced technology and components in the dairy industry. A clean slatted floor in the animal housing is important for both hygienic and environmental reasons. By cleaning your sheds regularly, you can reduce the risk of environmental mastitis, minimize the risk of claw lesions, reduced treatment costs, heel erosions, and foot warts.

Global Dairy only tech’s scrapers are labor-saving while maintaining the highest hygiene standards. We only Import the most reliable, long-lasting scraper systems in Pakistan. These automatic scrapers are easily adapted to any shed layout require low maintenance, easily adjustable, which guarantees an optimal adaptation to the floor. It has a cleverly designed double ratchet mechanism, cleaning from corner wheel to corner wheel, a low model without sharp parts.

Global dairy scraper is designed to provide an effective solution for any farm, Improve the health of your herd, and optimal hygiene standards in the shed are easily achieved.