• Deep-bedded stalls work well for cow comfort, which is essential for cow health and performance

  • Provide a comfortable place for both cows to lie down

  • Sand bedding allows lame cows to maintain normal patterns of stall use

  • The resting space designed and positioned divider loops and a brisket locator

  • Providing adequate lunge and bob space optimises stall use

  • Neck rails serve to position the cow when standing in the stall

  • So that the cow won’t suffer harm while utilising the stall, they must be placed there.

  • Cow size variations by breed, age, and stage of lactation

  • Open or closed front free stalls

  • Base and bedding that provide a comfortable and confident surface for resting

Free stalls are a key component in the dairy industry. Which provide dairy cows a clean, dry, comfortable, and properly maintained resting space.

It also has the recommended system of housing for successful dairy farming. The location where cows are kept in the open, save for when they are being milked. Since the company’s founding in January 2007, our primary offerings have been cow stalls, cowsheds, dairy equipment, and headlocks. We provide well design free stalls and allow unrestricted lunge space which ensures cows can easily man oeuvre within the cubicle spaces.

Our innovative designed cow cubicles allow cows to stand up and lie down without fear of injury which ensures they are more confident and stress-free. We design and provide the most comfortable and innovative dairy housing solutions available on the market worldwide. We have permanent skilled structures engineered, supervisors, well-trained workers, and professional experts to give you consultancy from time to time and deliver the project on time.

Flexible cubicle system carries the size of each cow and encourages cows to lie appropriately and for longer periods. Preference findings correspond with the reduced incident and severity of cow’s injuries by providing the soft surface. Free stall is highly specialized to Increase lying times combined with improved cow comfort leads to higher milk production.