• Global dairy optimised feed management and designs well-bedded cages with a minimum of 12 Feet by 12 Feet in Size
  • Provided with a dry floor resting area and Keep each cow separate from others
  • Manufactured by advanced techniques to offer long-lasting services
  • Restraint facilities minimise stress, injury, and disease
  • Stanchion System to restrain the animal and a lifting ring
  • Feeding section by age groups and Convenient manure removal system
  • Design Hygiene and disease management Cages for  livestock welfare and well-being
  • Easy drainage System for removal of dung urine and waste material
  • Material qualities, distinct shapes, sizes, varieties of options, and customize colors
  • Competitive Price within your budget and requirements

Global Dairy Tech designs calf cages that enable calves to grow quickly and healthily into the best dairy cows for the future. Calves can be raised in individual hutches. Where they can move around, be fed individually, and allow for good ventilation and ease of cleaning.

The shelter should have a well-draining material, such as a layer of sand, gravel, or stone for proper drainage. At weaning or about eight weeks of age, calves outgrow hutches and need to be moved to alternative housing. Avoid housing systems that place calves on cold concrete. We keep calf cages perfect and comfortable places to live in. Further we ensure the safety and protection of each cow in different ways. Further we ensure that the cows kept inside do not run away and each cage provides the best housing because they are isolated from each other.

We focus to live in a well-ventilated, easier to feed, hygiene cage and allow for much easier individual surveillance with reducing labor work. Global dairy tech has a strong belief to ensure excellent service. It also facilitates our clients as per their defined design and dimensions. We do ensure quality checks that our clients will get the maximum possible benefits beyond the expectation.