• Most dairy regions have sufficient sunlight to power a PV system

  • Most farms have suitable sites

  • After installation there are virtually no running costs

  • Systems can be expanded by adding more panels

  • Reduce electricity bills Disadvantages of solar PV for dairy farms

  • Peak electricity production each day may not match loads

  • No High initial cost

  • Can be a lengthy payback period

  •  Convert solar radiation into electrical energy

  • Measures the amount of power produced by the PV system


Global Dairy has been manufacturing/Importing solar system for over 20 years. Global Dairy Tech has been bringing clean solar power to homes with thousands of systems installed all over the country we know exactly what you need to focus on when investing in your own solar panel system.

Before every install we come to the property for a no-strings-attached consultation. We work with our own installers, or with trusted long-term partners, are fully certified and comply to all quality standards. We have a separate service department with its own teams that can come on site to solve any issues. We work only with the best products, with high performance and low failure rates, and which are produced in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our solar panels have the longest full warranties on the market and retain their high power for more than 20 years after install. This makes our systems perform 10% better than the average solar system in the Pakistan. And that leads to higher yield and happy customers!